Please note that this information is specific to Canam X3 models.

  1. How much lower is your cage than stock?

    Our cage is 2 inches lower than the stock profile.

  2. Can you add your doors later?

    No, our doors cannot be added later. They are incorporated into the cage, giving them a seamless look that cannot be achieved with bolt-on doors.

  3. What is the cage made of?

    All our cages are constructed from 1.75x.095 DOM tubing and professionally MIG welded.

  4. What is included with the cage?

    Included with the cage is an aluminum roof panel, intrusion bars, 2 whip tabs, and bolt-on light bar brackets for either a 40 or 50-inch light.

  5. How far does the rear bumper stick out past the bed?

    Our Baja rear bumper only sticks out 5 inches past the furthest part of the bed.

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